Asian Tiger MosquitoThe natural environment around the retreat centre means that there are a lot of mosquitos of all species.


The area of Surat Thani is not considered to be malarial, though there have been outbreaks of Dengue Fever in many parts of Thailand in recent years.

Best advice is to avoid being bitten by mosquitos if you can.


Though some species do bite during the day, the worst times are from dusk until dawn.


There will be more mosquitos around when it has been raining.


There are various types of repellent available which have varying degrees of success for different people.


Repellent should be applied to the feet and ankles, wrists and hands (and arms if wearing short-sleeves), neck, ears and forehead.


Repellent is best applied first thing in the morning and before sitting after afternoon tea.


It's best not to get some types of repellent anywhere near the eyes.


Mosquitos easily bite you through the loose, light clothing you are recommended to wear.


Spray repellent can also be applied to clothes, especially shoulders, arms and thighs to reduce the chances of being bitten.


Anything that provides an extra layer of clothing can also help - sarongs, shawls, scarves, etc.


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