All food is vegetarian.


There are some dishes served that contain eggs, but there is always an alternative available for vegans.


There is usually plenty of food, allowing for large servings, or the more considerate approach of going back for more once everyone has been round once.


Breakfast is rice soup. During initial days it can seem quite bland, but most people are okay with it by the end of the retreat.


The rice soup will be accompanied by greens (cabbage, chinese leaf, morning glory, cucumbers...) and usually some fruit (bananas, rambuttan, pineapple, papaya...) and a cup of herbal tea.


You will be asked to only take one piece of fruit and go back for more after everyone has had a piece. This request is usually ignored or forgotten by many.


Lunch varies but will always include expertly cooked brown rice, curries, greens and a cup of herbal tea.


The curries for lunch are varied, with such examples as egg paloh (boiled eggs in a scented brown sauce), som tam (spicy papaya salad), fried vegetables with wun sen noodles, pumpkin curry with coconut milk and all sorts of curried vegetables with or without tofu.


There are usually two choices of curry at least.


They are not always spicy, though when they are they can get noses running and eyes watering.


There is usually fruit available at lunch, or a dessert such as bananas in sweet coconut milk, or a rice-flour and coconut sweet steamed in a banana leaf.


Most people agree the food is excellent.


Some people find they become constipated after a few days. A herbal laxative tea will be available after day 3 and many people who use it say it works rather well. It tastes quite bitter.


There is no other food available except for afternoon tea.


You are asked not to bring any additional food into the retreat.


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