It is suggested that you walk barefoot at all times whilst at the retreat. Though this does bring with it a few issues.

  • The paths around the hermitage are sometimes sandy, and sometimes stony and if you stand on a sharp stone whilst barefoot, it does cause pain for a moment. The moment passes very quickly and you are unlikely to be in any particular agony.
  • There are plants with sharp bits on them that hide in the grass. And the same thing applies as with stones - if you stand on a thorny plant, it does not have to be a big deal.
  • There are creepy-crawlies about, but they tend to get out of the way and are much less common than needs to be worried about.

Walking barefoot around this sort of environment might allow you a one and only chance to walk as nature intended.


There is no broken glass or metal such as discarded bottle caps to walk on unlike many of Thailand's beaches. And most people wouldn't give a second thought to walking barefoot on those.


It allows a connection with the earth that you can truly feel, and this can help a lot in maintaining mindfulness while you are walking around.


Use the footbaths to wash the sand from your feet before entering meditation halls, the dining hall, or the dorms.


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