Sometimes these are discussed as being compulsory, or are stated as being so in the introductory booklet you have to read before registering for the retreat, and other times a more relaxed approach is taken and they appear to be merely suggested courses of action. There is a strong onus on the individual to take responsibility for themselves on the retreat, which might account for this.


Deposit all valuables, passports, mobile phones, watches, money (except for a small amount to buy supplies from the on-site shop) and anything else you want to keep safe with reception at registration.


Phones are a distraction, watches are not needed due to the system of bells and alarms can be a disturbance to others in breaking silence.


Attend every event on the schedule - meditation sessions, Dhamma talks, yoga, readings and chanting.


Don't put your head under water at the hot springs as some people have reported ear infections after doing so.


Only use the hot springs for 5-10 minutes at a time, especially when the water is very hot.


Tuck your mosquito net under your straw mat to ensure creepy-crawlies don't get in.


Wear sunscreen if you're doing walking meditation outside. Thirty minutes without sunscreen is more than enough to get a red, and sore, sunburned neck.


Walk barefoot.


Avoid using toilet paper and utilise the Asian method of cleaning yourself instead.


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