Washing Dishes


After mealtime and afternoon tea, you will be expected to wash your dishes.


The dish washing areas are situated behind the dining hall.


There is one area for the men, and one for the women.


Each consists of two sets of four sinks for spoons and bowls, and two sinks for cups.


The first sink contains clean water. A few spoonfuls should be placed inside the dish and and food waste washed out into the bucket provided.


Washing out into the sink makes the water dirty.


The second sink contains soapy water and a sponge which should be used to clean your bowl and spoon.


The third contains clean water for rinsing, as does the fourth sink.


Empty any remaning drink from your cup into the drain.


Wash the cup in the soapy water in the first sink for cups.


Rinse the cup in the clean water in the second sink for cups.


Clean dishes are stacked to dry on the racks provided.


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