Basic Instructions


The full explanation of Anapanasati gets quite complex and covers areas of experience that the beginner is very unlikely to encounter.


This can generate false targets and expectations, which run counter to the principles of meditation.


The simple approach to meditation during the course of the retreat is: 

  • Establish concentration on the breath using one of the preliminary exercises.
  • Focus on the sensations at the tip of the nose where the air passes in and out with each breath.
  • If you become aware that you are not concentrating of the tip of the nose, refocus on the tip of the nose.
  • Avoiding chastising yourself for losing concentration. Being angry will only hinder you.
  • Things will happen if the conditions are appropriate.
  • They will not happen because you try to make them happen.
  • Consequently, things happening or not are completely immaterial to what you are doing.
  • Just continue to focus on the sensations at the tip of the nose as you breathe.

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