Sleeping Problems


The concrete bed can cause discomfort while sleeping.


This can be relieved by sleeping on your back, though this increases the chances of snoring.


No softer mattresses are available at the retreat, and you should bring one with you if you have a bad back.


The wooden pillow can also cause discomfort while sleeping.


Experiment with angles and positions to find something that's the most comfortable.


Many people resort to using backpacks or rolled-up clothes as a pillow.


It is entirely possible to sleep well on a concrete bed with a wooden pillow.


The construction of the rooms allows night-time noises to carry very clearly.


In wet, damp or even cool weather, the frogs behind the dorms get quite active and loud. Some people report being kept awake by them.


You will be sleeping for less than 6 hours at night.


Many people sleep in free time.


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