Aches And Pains


The body tends not to be comfortable doing any one thing for a long period of time without moving.


You will probably experience aching knees and hips as a result of sitting meditation.


'Pins and needles' is caused by nerves being squeezed and is not due to blood not circulating nor is it a symptom of damage being done to the body.


It is likely you will experience some pain in the lower back, the upper back, shoulders, neck, hips, knees or leg muscles.


The yoga exercises are choosen to help loosen the areas of the body that are usually subject to pain through tension when sitting.


The yoga exercises are also choosen to help stengthen the muscles that will give a better sitting posture, so reducing the chance of pains.


Ajaan Po will suggest use of a shoulder swinging exercise that works well.


The hot springs do help alleviate aches and pains. Use them twice a day if you can.


Aches and pains provide excellent objects for meditation.


It is possible to completely overcome aches and pains by using them as objects of meditation.


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