Registration Process


Registration starts around 7am on the last day of the month, closes around 4pm and takes place in the dining hall at the hermitage.


People have arrived after registration has closed and have still been accepted onto the retreat.


You will be given a booklet of information and rules to read and a registration form to complete.


The registration form asks for name, address, previous meditation or retreat experience, and a declaration that you are of good mental health.


A friend will conduct a short interview with you, probably asking you about any expectations you have about the retreat.


You will deposit your passport and pay the registration fee of 2,000 baht, and be allocated a room in one of the dorms.


You will be able to deposit other valuables (phone, camera, etc) and money, though keep a little cash for purchases from the shop.


You will be asked to sign up for at least one chore.


Instructions on what to do next will be shown on two noticeboards at the front of the dining hall


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