No leaving the grounds of the hermitage until the retreat had ended, or you leave prematurely.


No consumption of recreational drugs, including cigarettes and alcohol. The use of nicotine patches has never been brought up, so use of these is not clear.


Men must not enter the womens' dorms or go near their hot springs, and vice-versa.


You must wear clothes that cover from shoulder to knees when outside the dorms and they should not be see-through.


Men must wear shorts when in the dorms. Women must wear a sarong or similar to cover from under arms to below your thighs.


Nudity is only allowed in your own room with the door shut.


No lying down anywhere except in your own room, with the exception of yoga practice.


Women eat on the left of the dining hall, men on the right.


Women sit on the right in meditation halls , men on the left.


Shoes cannot be worn inside the dorms, meditation halls or toilets.


The minimum clothing to be worn in the hot springs is shorts for men, and a sarong or similar from underarms to thighs for the women. For men, swimming briefs are considered to be too brief. Boxer shorts are fine.


Only use the hot springs after breakfast and afternoon tea. Do not use them at lunchtime.


Do not bathe in the toilet cubicles.


There are always other points made that are not always clear whether it's a rule, or just a suggestion.


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