Dining HallYou will go to the dining hall three times each day - once for breakfast around 8am, once for lunch around midday, and at 6pm for afternoon tea.


There are two notice boards at the entrance to the dining hall which will display various information over the course of the retreat.

Women sit on the left of the hall, men sit on the right.


Food is laid out on two tables - one for men, and one for women.


You queue at the appropriate table, take a metal bowl and spoon, some food, fruit or a dessert if available, a drink, then take a seat on the correct side of the room and wait for the food reflection to be read.


You are asked to contribute to the group feeling by sitting at the tables and not around the perimeter of the hall.


At afternoon tea there is no food reflection and there is no request to sit only at the tables. Also it tends to be mosquito time then, and they do get under the tables at your feet.


After food reflection, you eat and then wash your dishes.


Fruit peels should be placed in the fruit bins in the dining hall to be composted, and not in the waste bins in the dish washing area. These are not usually put out until day 1, so they may not there on registration day.


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