Everyday at 5pm before afternoon tea, there is an hour of chanting followed by few minutes of loving kindness meditation.


This is usually led by Taan Medhi, though sometimes others assist too.


This is stated to be an optional part of the schedule, as it is acknowledged that the chants might conflict with some people's existing religious beliefs.


A booklet is given out with the words for about 10 chants in Pali and English. As the retreat progresses, you will be expected to recite some of the shorter chants without reference to the book.


Chants include Homage to the Buddha, Refuge in the Triple Gem, The Eight Precepts, Excellent Refuge, Verses on a Single Night, First Words of the Buddha, Last words of the Buddha, Loving Kindness and Equanimity and Dependent Origination.


Taan Medhi will give background explanation to the chants over the course of the retreat.


The chanting is not difficult, though the spelling of the Pali words might be new to most people and the rhythm of the chants can take a few days to get right.


Chanting can be a great energiser if the group work well together and the energy is strong.


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