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The EnvironmentSuan Mokkh International Hermitage is about 1.5km down a road opposite and slightly north of the main entrance to Wat Suan Mokkh.


It is a rural location with only a few residential homes along the road, and occasional building work going on as someone builds a new home or extends an existing one.

The hermitage is built on a large plot of land which was bought some 20 years ago and has slowly been developed into what it is now. All of this being achieved through donations of money and time, with Ajaan Po personally undertaking much of the work himself.


The land has been built up above the flood line, landscaped with three large ponds, five meditation halls, two dorms, numerous toilet blocks, a dining room, and hot spring baths.


The forest-temple environment is provided by hundreds of trees, coconut palms, banana trees, shrubs and other plants which are everywhere.


Whilst some of the trees have become very large, it is a different feeling than Wat Suan Mokkh itself as the maturity just isn't the same The whole place is very well maintained so there might be a deliberate attempt to keep it a little sparse and not go for the old-forest feeling.


Though all of the buildings are constructed on and from concrete, there are no concrete paths and these vary from fine sand to semi-coarse grit and stones.


There are no covered walkways except in the dorms.


Various creatures and creepy-crawlies quite fairly consider this to be home too.


It is generally very quiet with the only audible noises coming from distant road traffic, a few airplanes passing over each day, a distant dog barking, and the noises from worker's homes along the east border near the men's dorms.


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